There are so many media takes from 2020 about the Hunter Biden laptop & emails story that remain to show the ridiculous lengths some outlets went to justify ignoring the story, but NPR’s explanation was the most shameless and in hindsight speaks volumes about their brand of “journalism” — none of them good:

That’s aged like fine milk left out in the summer sun. In fact, NPR and other “journalists” didn’t want to “waste their time” on something that wasn’t helpful to the Democrat nominee heading into a presidential election.

NPR’s not even ashamed enough to delete the tweets.

“Misinformation” seems to be a one-way street and spreading it around is just fine as long as the people doing it are on the “correct” political side.

NPR did their part as they saw it (and as the Dems saw it) so to them it was a job well done.



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