We realize that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would like everyone to think that the “small, fringe minority” of Canadians participating in the anti-mandate protests are racists and Islamophobes and transphobes, but we didn’t expect NPR to take a break from carrying water for the Democratic Party here in the U.S. to try to give him a hand. NPR found one national security expert who claims extremist groups are at the core of the Freedom Convoy.

Just as an aside, we’d like to note that the bouncy castles are back at the forefront of this “nationwide insurrection”:

So who is NPR’s national security expert? It’s Stephanie Carvin. “Carvin reports groups with conspiratorial beliefs, anti-government and bigoted views have been trying for years to organize a convoy, but vaccine mandates helped to finally give their plan enough momentum in Ottawa.”

Choosing those says a lot about your white privilege.


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