Nancy Pelosi spoke to the president of Ukraine on Wednesday, and hopefully Zelenskyy was comforted by the House Speaker passing along some support:

That’s certainly got to be a load off for the Ukraine leader:

Well, that was… interesting.

We expected nothing less from Nancy Pelosi.

Just for a bit more background, Billie Jean King had some involvement with Ukraine because of this:

Next April, Team USA will host Ukraine with a spot in the 2022 Billie Jean King Cup Finals at stake.

After falling in the semifinals of this year’s Billie Jean King Cup Finals to the team representing the Russian Federation on Friday, the U.S. was placed in Saturday’s draw as one of nine seeded nations on the strength of the interim Billie Jean King Cup rankings, which took into account the results of this year’s Finals. Also earning the choice of ground by random draw, the Americans will host one of the nine qualifying ties from April 15-16, 2022.



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