For the last nearly two years we’ve seen example after example of hypocrisy from the “rules for thee but not for me” crowd, which includes celebrities and many politicians. According to the Hollywood Reporter, celebs attending the upcoming Academy Awards show won’t have to show proof of vaccination even though it’s a requirement for indoor events and dining everywhere else in the Los Angeles area:

Mayor Garcetti can ensure that the event is completely safe by asking all the celebs to hold their breath the whole time.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The Oscars will be back at the Dolby Theatre on March 27, less than a year after the pandemic forced Hollywood’s biggest night to be held as a scaled-down affair at Los Angeles’ Union Station with strict COVID testing requirements. In the time since, safe and free COVID vaccines have become widely available and mandated for everything from dining out to attending sporting events.

But, The Hollywood Reporter has learned, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is planning not to mandate proof of vaccination (with or without a booster) in order to attend this year’s ceremony. Instead, it intends to require a negative PCR test or a negative rapid antigen test on the day of the event.

For some reason people are guessing that “the help” will be required to be vaxxed and masked:

We already know that the rules don’t apply to the elite.

All while kids in schools and people serving maskless celebs are required to mask up.

Remember that “Imagine” video?

Sen. Ted Cruz suggests a new award category:

There would be so many people tied for first.

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