Thursday marked one year since President Biden took office, and Jen Psaki spent most of the day doing media hits trying to put a positive spin on things her boss said yesterday during his press conference.

As for Biden, his Twitter account marked the first year in office with a tweet that dials the gaslighting up to eleven:

Oh wow… where to begin!

We could really feel the “unity” when Biden was in Georgia and likened anybody who opposed the so-called “voting rights” bill to segregationists (it’s worth noting that the names from history Biden gave were all Democrats).

It’s just such an optimistic-sounding tweet from the account of the president who not long ago told everybody to brace for a “winter of severe illness and death.”

At this point it’s obviously all they’ve got.

Whoever tweeted that from the Biden account is working overtime laying it on thick.

Year two will likely bring little to change that.

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