Last night, tornadoes ripped through several states, causing many deaths and massive devastation. One of the hardest-hit states was Kentucky, where the governor is saying the death toll could be 75-100 or more.

Unfortunately those who pay attention to politics knew what would happen next: Time to play the political blame game by claiming that if only certain Republicans would have backed Democrat proposals, severe weather could have been avoided:

This again, eh?

That time has arrived!

It’s terrible when there’s a disaster and somebody’s first instinct is how they can try and score political points.

It’s the kind of “logic” that you might use to only overhear in insane asylums, but it’s become mainstream thought on the Left.

The self-proclaimed “Party of Science” often seems to be more like a party of eco-religion.

There’s also this offering:

We’re guessing “no FEMA aid to the unvaccinated” can’t be far behind.

And just in case:


Her tweet has been deleted, but it’s YOUR fault for twisting it into something it wasn’t:

“Twisted into something it is not”? The tweet explaining the deletion simply repeated what the original tweet said. Amazing.