As we told you Saturday evening, CNN announced that the previously suspended Chris Cuomo has now had his employment terminated. CNN said “additional information” came to light during an investigation into Cuomo coordinating with his brother Andrew to give the then-New York governor a public relations boost, among other things. Chris Cuomo’s subsequent statement didn’t address the “additional information” that CNN said caused them to fire him.

In the wake of all that, people are wondering what “additional information” CNN found out about after they retained a law firm to conduct an investigation:

Karol Markowicz has a suspicion:

If New York Post reporter Julia Marsh’s source is correct, that might be an accurate guess:

That “additional information” remains to be confirmed, but it speaks volumes (none of them good for CNN) that their anchor working with his brother to shore up his image and cover up the truth wasn’t enough to convince CNN to fire him.

Stay tuned.