This just popped up, so expect more on it later, but it appears Chris Cuomo’s suspension from CNN has turned into a termination.

Will CNN report on the additional information that came to light? Brian Stelter, will this be in the newsletter?

It must have been juicy, considering the information we did know.

Maybe legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin will tell us what sort of trouble Cuomo is in.

* * *


Brian Stelter, who’s probably pretty thirsty for that prime time slot, has written up the news on CNN:

CNN said Saturday that anchor Chris Cuomo has been “terminated” by the network, “effective immediately.”

According to Saturday’s announcement, the process included an outside law firm, a fact that was not previously known.
With information in the texts and documents pointing to a serious breach of CNN standards, Cuomo was notified of his termination on Saturday.
The CNN statement on Saturday also referred to “additional information [that] has come to light” during the review of the document dump. A CNN spokesperson declined to share any further detail about the information.