Jen Psaki had quite a time with Peter Doocy’s questions at the White House briefing today. Doocy stumped Psaki with a question about Biden being spotted in a Nantucket shop violating the island’s mask requirement (Psaki claimed she wasn’t aware what Doocy was referring to).

The Fox News reporter was on a roll, and also asked Psaki to explain what Biden said last year about Trump’s travel restrictions vs. what the Biden White House is doing right now. Take some Dramamine so you don’t get sick from some more spin:

See what she did there?

Psaki lied again? No way!

At least Psaki calls on Doocy, so we’ll give her that much, but their spin sure has evolved:

Just for the record, here’s what Biden said in March of 2020 in direct reference to Trump’s travel restrictions:

Apparently now Biden believes travel restrictions WILL stop the virus — or at least slow it down.