The Washington Post has essentially retracted a good deal of their previous Steele dossier reporting while providing corrections and addendums to other stories. One of the most vocal members of Congress using the Steele dossier as alleged evidence of Trump/Russia collusion was Rep. Adam Schiff.

In case you’re wondering if either the WaPo or Schiff have learned anything from the Steele dossier’s implosion, here’s your answer:

We’re speechless.

Unreal. The piping hot irony could melt Steele.

If that happens it’ll create a black hole of misinformation from which not even light can escape.

Ironic, shameless, and not at all surprising.



WaPo Fact Checker Glenn Kessler’s comprehensive guide to the Steele dossier — much like the Steele dossier itself — doesn’t remotely deliver the goods