Good Morning America interviewed Gaige Grosskreutz, who was shot in the arm by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin during an August 2020 riot. Grosskreutz’s attorney was also present during the interview. Considering what unfolded during the trial, this clip is about what you’d expect to take place on a mainstream media outlet in terms of what isn’t mentioned:

It’s hardly surprising that there was no pushback in that clip. The media’s already returning to their pre-trial narratives in spite of what transpired during the trial:

Grosskreutz made one of the prosecuting attorneys literally do a facepalm after he admitted during questioning this week that he’d pointed his gun at Rittenhouse before he was shot in the arm:

A slightly longer clip:

Good Morning America didn’t bother to mention that — at least not in the clip they tweeted — and it certainly doesn’t look as if Grosskreutz was going to be challenged much.

And the media will step back and smile if that happens, knowing what they helped create yet again.

Apparently very few in the mainstream media plan to ask him (or his lawyer) about what actually transpired during the trial.

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