On Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland testified to the House Judiciary Committee that he didn’t “know the facts” about the Loudon County Public Schools case that was used to justify the Justice Department’s memo calling concerned parents “domestic terrorists” for speaking out at public school board meetings.

Garland also said that the DOJ began targeting parents for “possible domestic terrorism” after receiving a letter from the National School Board Association. Subsequently, the Free Beacon reported that NSBA officials collaborated with the Biden White House before the “domestic terrorism” letter went out.

Add it all up and it has spelled “backfire” for the Democrats. The NSBA Board now says they apologize (to NSBA members) for the letter and have expressed regret this way:

And everybody knows what the Nat’l School Board Assn. and other involved Democrats actually regret…

Bingo! They’re very sorry… that they got caught.

We won’t hold our breath.

Next week, AG Merrick Garland will testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Watching Sen. Ted Cruz grill Garland should be something else.



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