Yesterday we told you about Sen. Rand Paul weighing in after it was reported that the NIH contradicted Dr. Anthony Fauci and his previous claims about funding of gain of function research at the Wuhan lab:

Senator Paul’s wife, Kelley, called out media hacks including CNN’s Brianna Keilar:

Instead of perhaps backpedaling on the Dr. Fauci worship and focusing on the breaking news at hand, Keilar took aim at Rand and Kelley Paul:

Spinning on behalf of the Dems is obviously a job requirement to work for CNN:

And back to going after Sen. Paul:

Finally, a couple words about Dr. Fauci before again quickly changing the subject:


Kelley Paul responded this way:

CNN knows what their job is, and it doesn’t involve sticking to the facts.

Imagine what the political landscape might look like if the media wasn’t mostly in the pocket of the Dems. Honest reporting on some of the current “science” hackery is desperately lacking.