President Biden’s town hall on CNN featured the usual softball questions from a pre-approved list of attendees, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t several “WTF” moments. Biden demonstrates regularly that he can swing and miss at even the softest of softballs. Early on, Biden did his creepy whisper thing again while making a hand gesture that would have had CNN in full “white supremacy signal” meltdown mode for days if Trump had done it.

Among the whoppers told was when Biden informed Anderson Cooper that he hasn’t been to the border as president because there just hasn’t been the time:

Oh, please!

On top of that, Biden claimed to have been to the border before:

If any claim deserves a media fact-check, it’s that one!

In September, Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Jen Psaki if Biden had ever visited the border in his 50 years as a politician. Psaki replied that she’d have to check on it, but Doocy already knew the answer.

Maybe that’s what Biden’s talking about.