On Monday we told you about Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot slamming the Fraternal Order of Police for their backlash to her threat to suspend any city police officers who won’t comply with her vaccination mandate.

Lightfoot said the police union is attempting to “induce an insurrection”:

Part of Lightfoot’s contingency plan has “good luck with that” written all over it:

From WGN:

WGN Investigates has learned a coordinator from the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) sent an email to a dozen police officials from Kankakee to Barrington asking them to ask members of their specialized units whether they would be willing to respond to critical situations in Chicago – and how quickly they could get there.

“To be clear, if members of the ILEAS Special Teams programs are requested, it would be for emergency situations, NOT for routine police assistance and the answering of calls for service within the city limits. Illinois State Police and Cook County Sheriff’s Office would be tasked with the patrol needs,” the email read.

So would a lot of suburban officers agree to help Lightfoot out of any potential jam? Confidence is low:

It sure sounds like Mayor Lightfoot’s claimed goal of keeping Chicagoans “safe and healthy” is dangerously close to having the opposite effect, as so many Democrat mandates have done.