As we told you yesterday, President Biden traveled to Howell, Michigan to deliver an address at an outdoor event pitching his “Build Back Better” agenda. On the way to his speech, Biden’s motorcade passed hundreds of protesters who were holding signs, waving flags and chanting a familiar greeting:

Later, Biden made it clear that he certainly noticed the protesters, but reminded everybody that he got 81 million votes in the November election:

Nothing punctuated Biden bragging about the historic number of votes he got last November like that smattering of applause.

Right? The signs, chants and other things seem to be getting to Biden. Heck, he even whined about it during a 9/11 memorial last month.

Here’s a bonus clip of Biden yesterday talking about “everyone in this room” during his speech outside:

Whoops! Looks like somebody loaded the teleprompter without first confirming the speech was going to be outside and not inside.