Earlier this week we told you that the Shining Stars of Late Night (Fallon, Meyers, Colbert, Bee, Kimmel and Noah) were joining forces on the same night to speak truth to power by… helping promote the Democrat agenda on climate change:

Greg Gutfeld responded to that this way:

And guess what happened next:

Maybe the lib hosts will blame climate change.

From Fox News:

Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” beat all the other late-night shows Wednesday after the liberal hosts collectively hyped their so-called “Climate Night.”

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, James Corden, Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee traded in comedy for activism on Wednesday night and joined forces to sound the alarm on climate change.
However, none of them topped Greg Gutfeld, whose show landed in the #1 spot with 1.89 million viewers.

More people watched an actual late-night comedy show than tuned in to watch John Kerry tell us how much time we have until we’re all gonna die? No way!

The Democrats can rest easy though, because they still have those seven hosts doing their bidding, at least for the time being.