President Biden met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House today, and Biden kicked things off by reminding Modi that he’s far from the first person of Indian descent to sit in that chair:

Last week, during a meeting with Boris Johnson, the UK PM went rogue and took a couple of questions, and White House aides quickly shut things down and chased the press from the room. Jen Psaki later said the White House wasn’t happy with Johnson for taking questions when they clearly didn’t want any asked.

Clearly that was on the mind of White House aides today, and as Biden sat with Modi, he asked him not to engage reporters and followed that up with a slam on the press:

Gee, it’s a good thing the lefty media managed to get rid of the previous president that constantly disrespected the press!

The WH doesn’t want a repeat of the Boris Johnson incident.

Biden’s people know the media will maybe complain a little, but for the most part response “thank you, sir, may we have another.”

If Trump said it CNN would already be hyperventilating on the air about what a threat the comment is to a free press and democracy.