CNN enjoys hosting their medical adviser, Dr. Leana Wen, quite often. Possibly it has something to do with her willingness to try and spread panic and fear, which is CNN’s specialty. Recently Wen told Chris Cuomo that going out in public unvaccinated is like driving drunk, and during a different appearance made it clear she doesn’t think President Biden is being nearly authoritarian enough when it comes to dealing with Covid-19.

How long does Wen think kids should have to wear masks in school? Let’s just say that “a lot longer” is the answer here:

The “cult” vibe is strong with this one. Meanwhile, reality is telling a different story:

It’s almost as if this isn’t really about the “science,” but rather something else.

The elite go maskless, unless they put them on for the cameras.

But we’re supposed to understand that she cares so deeply about the wellbeing of children? What a joke.