Yesterday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz visited an international bridge in Del Rio, Texas and pointed out how many thousands of illegal aliens are packed in the area where President Biden doesn’t care to have a vaccine mandate. It’s a really bad look, and the Biden administration knows it. Just coincidentally (nudge nudge) the FAA said that “for security reasons” reporters like Fox News’ Bill Melugin can’t fly camera drones to show the scope of the mess Biden created.

The Democrat Mayor of Del Rio, Texas is trying hard to get Biden’s attention:

Here are the mayor’s tweets:

And more are on the way:

So what do the Democrats do? Put another fence around the Capitol. As for Biden, he’s outta here for the weekend…

We hope Biden enjoys his ice cream. Reporters, make sure to ask him about what flavor he got!

What’ll the next attempted distraction from the White House be?

That wouldn’t be surprising in the least. But the Del Rio mayor shouldn’t expect much help from the people in Washington, DC who caused this to happen in the first place.

At least WH reporters will have a chance today to ask Jen Psaki about the Del Rio mayor’s plea for help from Biden. Wait, no they won’t:

The Biden WH is nothing if not predictable.