Yesterday we told you about one of the biggest fact-check fails of the year. It started with a USA Today fact-checker’s ruling on Gold Star family members who said President Biden kept checking his watch during the dignified transfer ceremony for 13 U.S. service members killed in the attack in Kabul, Afghanistan:

After getting called out, that was followed up by this “clarification,” which is in fact a complete reversal on the original “misleading” ruling:


The fact-checker, after a lot of criticism, then played the victim:

An editor of Snopes defended Funke, saying that getting things wrong and then somewhat fixing them later is the mark of an excellent journalist. No, seriously:

Legit LOL on that one!

And are they really “mistakes” if they always only fall in one direction?

The hack do stick together, don’t they?

Just like Funke, the Snopes editor turned off the replies in the name of exceptional journalism.

Getting caught shilling for the Democrats and then making half-a**ed corrections is a lot of things, but “exceptional journalism” it ain’t.