The White House announced this morning that after President Biden had planned to leave for his home in Wilmington, Delaware yesterday, it has been decided that he’ll remain at the White House all weekend.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban (and possibly ISIS) are reportedly harassing and beating U.S. citizens and others attempting to get to the Kabul airport. The U.S. Embassy there advised people this morning not to attempt to go to the airport, and that came just hours after Biden said it wasn’t a problem.

Add it all up and it’s been a disaster, and if the White House is panicking, a good deal of the reason is that Biden’s approval is entering a freefall phase:

The date for that cut off a couple days ago so it’s likely even worse than that.

You know, that might have something to do with it!

Give it time.

And the situation in Kabul still seems to be getting worse by the hour.