Here’s how fast the bottom has fallen out of the Biden administration on energy policy: On day one in office, President Biden effectively ended the Keystone pipeline with the stroke of a pen. Almost seven months later, with gas prices putting the pinch on Americans’ wallets, the Biden admin is begging OPEC+ to pump more oil.

Clearly this administration knows it has a problem on its hands with fuel prices, so Biden delivered some remarks today. In his pitch for a fresh round of a few trillion dollars more in spending, Biden tried to sell the plan by letting Americans know there are no gas tax increases in the bill (the inflation is taxing enough):

Then Biden tried to put a positive spin on high gas prices, and it’s a big ol’ fail:

“At least you’re not paying as much for gas as you were the last time I worked in the White House” is some kind of spin.

That’s the same president who said he wants airplanes of the future to run on cooking oil who this morning begged OPEC+ to pump more oil.