While much of the Olympic-related focus has been on the suspension of Sha’Carri Richardson, there’s a separate issue that has caught the attention of Washington Post columnist Karen Attiah:

Here’s a summary from the Guardian:

Swimming caps designed for natural black hair created by a black-owned brand will not be allowed at the Olympics.

The hats, made by Soul Cap, which previously partnered with Alice Dearing, who last week qualified to become the first black female swimmer to represent Team GB at the Olympics, have been rejected by the International Swimming Federation (Fina).

And who’s to blame for that decision? It’s apparently got something to do with “white folks,” and was later deleted (we’ll show you one of the reasons why in a second):


Maybe the tweet was deleted at least in part because of @redsteeze sharing an important reality check:

Well, that attempted narrative sure went down the drain fast!