Over the weekend we told you about a Washington Post story by reporter Hannah Dreier that got reality checked into oblivion.

Here’s the reporter’s tweet and story that started it all, and naturally it caught fire on the Left and with select media outlets:

Yeah, that’s just not true. The narrative was so bogus that even a Florida Democrat was calling out the Post’s reporter.

As we wrote yesterday, Governor DeSantis’ spokesperson Christina Pushaw is among those trying to share some facts with the WaPo reporter:

Yesterday evening Pushaw described her futile attempts to reach Dreier, partly because her DMs are off:

Pushaw told Twitchy that she’s also unsuccessfully tried reaching Dreier via email and phone in the hopes of sharing what actually happened:

The Post’s story of course caught on with those who were only looking to push an anti-DeSantis narrative:

Some major corrections are in order, but will that ever happen? Don’t hold your breath, because it’s modern-day “journalism.”


SO predictable: