Former senator and presidential candidate John Kerry is now the Biden White House’s “climate envoy” and he has taken to Twitter to prove that he’s up to the job:

John Kerry’s carbon footprint is more massive than almost all Americans, but he’s a leader in “saving the planet” because of a photo op, everybody!

But Kerry justified that by saying “people like me” need to occasionally travel by private jet in order to warn everybody about the dangers of fossil fuel emissions.

It speaks volumes to the current state of “science” that Kerry, who is almost certainly vaccinated, is wearing a mask while by himself outdoors but not a helmet.

All the hypocrisy from Kerry (and other eco-alarmists) has embedded some skepticism in people:

That wouldn’t surprise us in the least. Maybe Kerry’s already learned a trick or two from Pete Buttigieg.

And in that photo she’s actually riding the scooter.