As we told you earlier, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, who this week started dropping undercover videos of a CNN producer admitting things many already knew about CNN and the media in general, has been suspended from Twitter. The exact reason at this time isn’t known, but the timing sure seems coincidental. Before the election, you’ll also recall that the New York Post was suspended from Twitter over the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Journalist Glenn has a thread on what does NOT get a media outlet suspended, and it’s something else, starting with the “bounties” story that has fallen apart well after the media already ran with it:

And you can’t spread BS effectively without MSM “fact-checker” assistance:

The media malpractice is endless:


And of course the biggest pile of media garbage of all was the media pushing “Trump/Russia collusion” to claim the 2016 election was stolen. Again, the worst offender has never been punished by Big Tech:

Speaking of “mean tweets,” in the minds of many who call themselves journalists, their propaganda and lies helped get rid of Trump so maybe that’s enough for them to keep patting each other on the back for a job well done.