While states like Florida and Texas are open and don’t have mask mandates, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for months shut down in-person dining and other businesses and activities in the state. There is currently in-person dining allowed at 50 percent capacity and there has been a mask mandate since the start of the pandemic in the U.S. But the recently rising numbers in Michigan have the New York Times reporting that the Michigan governor is now “in a bind”:

Whitmer is now asking for voluntary shutdowns and restrictions in Michigan (the involuntary ones obviously worked wonders).

About a year ago, Whitmer had an op-ed in the Times in which she had some praise for herself, though she was never awarded an Emmy like Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

Hopefully by the time everything’s said and done some lessons will be learned, but maybe that’s not very likely.

The Times reported further shutdowns could be “politically untenable” for Whitmer with the election next year.

We’re laughing at that, only because it’s so believable.

Has Whitmer tried consulting the Fauci Pillow of Wisdom for more brilliant ideas?