At a press conference featuring some of President Biden’s “climate advisers” that took place ahead of the signing of more executive orders, John Kerry said that, sure, oil and gas workers might lose their jobs as a result, but they’d be grateful to this administration for possibly giving them a chance to build solar panels instead. Isn’t it special that a Biden “climate adviser” is a guy with several mansions around the world and a private jet?

In any case, another one of Biden’s climate advisers is former EPA chief (under Obama) Gina McCarthy, whose comments indicated that… well, we might be screwed:

First of all, is the coronavirus no longer a pressing crisis?

The “priorities” seem to have shifted, because “science,” or something.

Narrator: They had no intention of stopping the insanity.

They tried to push the same bill of goods years ago when Obama was president, and you know how that worked out. But that doesn’t mean they won’t kill off a lot of jobs trying to pull the same shams all over again.