Yesterday morning we told you about Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd throwing a mini-tantrum while Sen. Ron Johnson was explaining why over a dozen Republican senators are going to object to the Electoral College certification and call for a commission to look into voting irregularities in several states.

Meanwhile, CNN’s Jake Tapper went as far as to call Republican objections a “bloodless coup” attempt:

George Washington University law professor preceded a thread on this topic by noticing Tapper’s “bloodless coup” allegation:

Turley says that it is far from a “coup” attempt, and he also used Sen. Johnson’s appearance on Meet the Press as the catalyst for a thread dismissing those kinds of allegation:

Specifically discussed is the call to object to certification in order to create an election review commission:

None of this is really the “bloodless coup” attempt Democrats and the media (again, pardon the redundancy) are trying to make it out to be.

Turley also noted that Stacey Abrams got a very different reception on Meet the Press:

Turley closes out a blog post on the subject this way:

As I noted earlier, Democrats did not accuse their colleagues of treason or sedition when they sought to block the certification of Ohio’s electoral votes in Congress in 2004. They did not call Hillary Clinton traitorous for advising Biden not to concede any Trump victory on Election Night. They did not describe members of Congress or the media as traitors for repeatedly declaring Trump “illegitimate” over the last four years.

Thus, in the end, as Napoleon said, “treason is a matter of dates.” And the key date in the United States, for now, appears to be Nov. 7 — the day the media declared Joe Biden the presumptive winner. All court challenges then became unethical for lawyers and all congressional challenges became sedition for members. It is just a matter of dates.