Is this the kind of “journalism” that happens when the media runs out of praises to sing about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

Wow, that headline might prompt Joe Biden to grow a beard just to give the media an additional reason for puff pieces!

Another banner year for the media!

Or Politico named it for him:

At the very beginning of this interminable year, Justin Trudeau grew a beard. The beard was Significant, a symbol of a once-youthful prime minister who was now older and wiser and battle-scarred. Many headlines were written. It was a simpler time, when we had nothing better to do than debate the merits of facial hair as an indicator of gravitas. But beard or no, this year has changed Trudeau’s image.

Geologists will mark the change in epochs to pre and post Trudeau beard.

The media’s obviously incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment.

Bearing Arms’ editor Cam Edwards closes us out with a significant fact-check: