Around the same time some on the Left were trying to suggest that a still shot from footage of Rudolph Giuliani in the new Borat movie had caught him in a compromising position (it didn’t), a college Dem activist said he texted Giuliani pretending to be Ivanka Trump. That turned out not to be real either:

It’s fake, but as “journalism” these days dictates, “spread the story first (if it makes anybody connected to Trump look bad), verify later, if ever”:

Another day brings with it another opportunity for the media to cover itself it glory:


A narrative is all that matters these days — “truth” is not a concern.

So much “journalism”!

And yet the media wonder why Trump’s “fake news” slams resonate so well with the public.

We’re afraid to find out the answer to that question, not to mention this one:

Until proven otherwise we’ll assume that question is completely rhetorical.