It’s no surprise that topping Twitter’s list of trending political stories is a scene from the new “Borat” movie in which Rudy Giuliani is caught in a “compromising scene.”

The Guardian, along with outlets like The Daily Beast and Newsweek, are on it:

“Apparently touching his genitals.”

Even a former Hillary Clinton adviser deleted his tweet reading that Guiliani was caught “fondling himself in front of a woman he thought was 15 years old.”

The screencap is making the rounds, but Mother Jones editorial director Ben Dreyfuss has seen the scene and says it’s not quite what Twitter is making it out to be.

So she untucks his shirt, and then he tucks it back in, which is “apparently touching his genitals.”

It’s a Borat movie … the whole schtick is to capture people in embarrassing or compromising situations. It’s a comedy, guys — see it when it comes out and judge for yourself if you’re still unconvinced.


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