This was supposed to be the day that C-SPAN journo Steve Scully served as the moderator for the second presidential debate… until the wheels fell off. The Biden campaign demanded a “virtual” debate, and Trump declined. During that time, Scully was spotted apparently coordinating with Anthony Scaramucci in a brief tweet exchange before it was deleted within a few hours. At that point Scully claimed that his account had been hacked, and C-SPAN and the Commission on Presidential Debates said there would be an investigation to find the culprit.

As it turns out, the culprit is… Steve Scully:

No wonder the Debate Commission didn’t want to answer their phone and field requests for updates on how the investigation was going!

If Scully only got suspended you can’t help but wonder what it would take to get fired by a media outlet (saying something positive about Trump might do it).

There were plenty of people in the media who certainly wanted everybody to believe Scully had been hacked. Media firefighters rushed to Scully’s defense after doubts were raised about his hacking claim:

Gee, where would anybody ever get that idea?

Good times.

By the way, Anthony Scaramucci responded this way to Scully’s suspension:

If it was a “silly non-political tweet” then why the need to delete it and lie about getting hacked?