Internal polling for the Democrats must be fairly dismal, because Kamala Harris joined Joe Biden in very recently condemning violence in cities:

The problem for Harris (not that the media is in any rush to ask her about it) is that just weeks ago she was tweeting things like this:

President Trump and Sen. Tom Cotton have been among those pointing out Harris’ complete one-eighty, but lucky for Team Biden they have the media backing them up. A Washington Post fact check shifted into parse overdrive for this one:

Looks like we have another “true, but maybe not really because a Republican made the claim” rating to help out Democrats:

Cotton’s claim that “violent rioters” were released with MFF funds has some basis in fact. But we stumble over Cotton’s additional claim that violent rioters were let out of jail to do more damage. MFF did bail out at least two people charged with attempted murder or burglary during the protests. But there is no evidence they committed additional crimes after being released. His spokesman points to a disturbing case that was unconnected to the protests. But that’s not what Cotton tweeted.

Moreover, it turns out the MFF was only a bit player in the release of people charged during the protests. The vast majority of people — 92 percent — had to pay no bail. So both Cotton and Trump are wrong to suggest that the donations led to the release of many protesters or rioters.
It is certainly fair to raise questions about how MFF is handling the millions of dollars it has raised and whether greater oversight is needed. We will leave this unrated.

It must be good to be a Democrat and get that level of deference from “fact-checkers”:

That seems to be how the “fact check” game is played when a Republican says something factual.



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