Nancy Pelosi has again taken aim at President Trump in the form of a lecture about alleged coronavirus denial and accusing the president of discouraging the wearing of masks:

Everybody knows there’s no hypocrisy like Nancy Pelosi hypocrisy, and this week has been no different. Yesterday we told you about a salon’s security camera catching the House Speaker entering without a mask in order to get her hair done, even though indoor services of that type remain banned in the state.

It’s entirely possible that Democrats such as Pelosi feel emboldened to disobey the regulations they support for everybody else because they know the media will have their backs. The Pelosi story is no exception, and here’s one example:

So that’s the story?

Defending Democrats is just instinctive for so many in the media.

It’s not an unfair question.

And they obviously know it.

It’s almost as if some in the media consider their job to be supporting a particular narrative rather than holding those in power accountable.