The second night of the Democratic convention brought with it a somewhat tepid celebration at Biden HQ after he officially secured the party’s nomination (even though AOC formally nominated Bernie Sanders).

Additionally, former Justice Department lawyer Sally Yates gave a short speech, and Byron York saw some serious projection going on:

And the accusations got even more hilarious considering the source:

York wrote about Yates’ speech at the convention last night, among many other things:

Night Two started where that left off, with former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates — you remember her as one of the Obama appointees who weaponized the Justice Department in an attempt to undermine the incoming Trump administration — having the chutzpah to accuse President Trump of weaponizing the Justice Department. In addition, Yates said that Trump “is even trying to sabotage our Postal Service, to keep people from being able to vote,” which is a Democratic talking point du jour that has no basis in fact. And then Yates claimed that being political was a new thing for her — perhaps the biggest stretch of the evening.

That’s all just so rich!

The “projection” was strong not just with Yates, but with many other speakers at the Dems’ convention.



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