First, we have to ask once again: Why does being “Never Trump” mean that you have to switch parties, vote a straight Democratic ticket, lend your “help” Democrat campaigns, and praise President Joe Biden for every success and defend him against all criticism?

After letting it float over the country for a week, President Joe Biden finally gave the OK for that Chinese spy balloon to be shot down Saturday afternoon over the Atlantic Ocean. Most liberals we’re seeing on Twitter are trying to downplay that “dumb weather balloon,” but The Lincoln Project is giving a standing ovation to Biden for bringing down both the spy balloon and inflation. We wonder how much Rick Wilson paid himself to cut together this documentary-quality clip:

Currently trending on Twitter: “Dark Brandon” and “Mission Accomplished.”

What a bunch of simps. Is there any Republican candidate RINO enough that they’d support him over Biden in 2024? Liz Cheney?


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