Some Dems and media (as usual, pardon the redundancy) are trying to spin the Twitter Files release by making Hunter Biden the victim in the story, while others are, so far at least, choosing to ignore the story altogether.

Bloomberg News is covering the story, but they’ve taken all the ingredients and reported that it all adds up to pretty much a nothing burger:

Basically the whole Bloomberg report is “nothing to see here”:

Even as Musk sought to build anticipation for the documents’ release, the materials shared by Taibbi on Friday broke relatively little new ground on a two-year-old episode. It’s not clear who authorized the release of the materials from Twitter, though Musk is in control and has dismissed many top executives, and was actively promoting Taibbi’s tweets on Friday. The full extent of the document release was unclear, since it was filtered through one reporter.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, conservative news outlets published information that purportedly came from a laptop that Hunter Biden had left at a Wilmington, Delaware, repair shop. Then-President Donald Trump’s campaign alleged the materials — the origin of which wasn’t verified by Bloomberg News — undercut Joe Biden’s claims that he and his son never discussed overseas business dealings.

Did “new ground” need to be broken when the point was in proving how bad the “old ground” was that many in the media are now trying to ignore (after declaring the whole thing “misinformation” ahead of the 2020 election)?

Again, there are some who are actually trying to turn Hunter Biden into the victim in all this. Unreal.



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