At today’s White House press conference, Kayleigh McEnany was asked about President Trump’s desire to see schools open in the fall. She said a lot of things, but CNN’s Chief Resistance Reporter Jim Acosta initially shared only these few words:

And Acosta’s partial quote got the Resistance reaction that he was clearly going for:

But of course, CNN’s Acosta just happened to leave something out of his tweet:

Acosta’s CNN colleague Jake Tapper, to his credit, reminded everybody of the full context as well:

Maybe he should pass that along to Acosta, not that he’ll care to hear it because he’s gotten the desired narrative rolling.

Place your bets!

Acosta did get to almost the full context eventually:

That has 546 retweets at the time this story was published. Acosta’s first tweet has almost 25,000.



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