Over the weekend, the USA Today’s fact check on a Trump 2020 t-shirt featuring what talking points on the Left called a “Nazi symbol” found the claim to be “true”:

“True”? Er, OK.

But then, about an hour or so later, the embarrassment began setting in, except the USA Today couldn’t quite retract the alleged fact check:

Oh, eagles are also a “longtime US symbol”? Shocker!

So what happened a few days later on Wednesday? Full retraction? Nope! It’s now “inconclusive”:


And we have a feeling it’s not over yet.

Is there any doubt that a Democrat campaign would have received a total retraction and full-page apology published in both the newspaper and online?

Ya know, that might have something to do with it. *Eye roll*

And they’re still clinging to it.

“Journalism” everybody!