Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was on MSNBC this morning and took full responsibility for the horrific level of violence that’s been taking place in her city. Just kidding!

Via the Washington Examiner:

“We have got to make sure that we do a better job of taking guns out of the hands of criminals,” Lightfoot said Friday on MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle. “We have to have a federal policy on background checks and making sure that dangerous people are not able to go across the border to states like Indiana and get military-grade weapons in quantities and then bring them back to the streets and shoot people up. That’s what’s happening.”
“There’s way too many illegal guns on our streets, and we can’t fight that fight alone,” she said. “We got to have a federal strategy on this. We’re going to continue to do what we can do. We’re going to continue to make sure that we are flooding these dangerous hot spots with resources to make sure that we keep our communities safe, but we’re fighting a losing battle. If we don’t have a federal partnership on restricting access to guns in the hands of dangerous criminals, we’ve got to have partnership on that.”

Lightfoot had previously cited COVID-19 as a reason for the rising level of violence, but now we can add “lack of a federal strategy” on guns to the list.

Absolutely not.

Amazing isn’t it?

And tomorrow might bring with it a fresh scapegoat.