Earlier this month, the Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously to replace the police department with a “community-led public safety system.”

The effort continued this week with the City Council taking another step in that direction:

From the New York Post:

The Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously approved a measure to abolish the city’s police department — a radical proposal amid nationwide efforts by activists to defund local law enforcement agencies.

The 12-0 vote will not automatically dismantle the department, but is a first step in a long legislative process that will ultimately need popular support by city residents in a November election.

But leftist hypocrisy being what it is, there’s more to the story:

It’s “private security” but of course it’s still being paid for by city taxpayers.

Yes they do:

The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day for private security for three council members who have received threats following the police killing of George Floyd, FOX 9 has learned.

A city spokesperson said the private security details have cost the city $63,000 over the past three weeks.

The three council members who have the security detail – Andrea Jenkins (Ward 8), and Phillipe Cunningham (Ward 4), and Alondra Cano (Ward 9)– have been outspoken proponents of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department.

“Police protection for me but not for thee” sounds very familiar!

Highly unlikely.

And yet they wonder why gun sales have skyrocketed.