Every day you wake up and wonder who will be next up on the Left’s “cancel” list, and late this week an iconic American actor made the list — or at least an airport that’s named after him did:

Wait, “emergency” resolution?

From The Hill:

On Friday, the Democratic Party of Orange County passed a resolution condemning the Duke for “racist and bigoted statements” he made during an interview with “Playboy” in 1971, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The resolution called for the Orange County Board of Supervisors to remove Wayne’s name, statue,and other likenesses from the international airport and “restore its original name: Orange County Airport.”

Maybe the Democrats could focus on something a little more current. Dana Loesch gave them a reminder:

And dozens of roads and buildings in West Virginia are still names after Robert Byrd. But the Dems do have their “priorities.”