Earlier we told you about CNN’s Brian Stelter rushing to the defense of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after investigative journalist Lara Logan cited her “radical agenda.” Additionally, Stelter didn’t feel it necessary to include the reason why Logan called out AOC. Here’s Logan’s tweet, including what AOC said last year about rioting:

And with that, the “journalism” pack wolves were off and running. CNN’s Oliver Darcy asked this question:

Either they’re pretending to not know, or they do know and don’t feel it worth mentioning:

Logan’s experienced it firsthand, not that these “journalists” are going to feel that’s a detail that needs to be shared.

The peakest of peak “journalism.”

Darcy’s CNN colleague Andrew Kaczynski along with journo Soledad O’Brien joined in to defend AOC’s honor:

Solid “journalisming,” all.

They should, but they won’t, because there’s an agenda that needs to be pushed.

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