On Wednesday morning, Brian Stelter called out Lara Logan over this tweet where Logan criticized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over comments the former bartender made about rioting in 2019:

Stelter, however, didn’t actually link to her tweet so you could see what Logan is referring to. Here it is:

So, not letting readers know why Lara Logan, who was brutally gang-raped while covering a peaceful protest in Cairo’s Tahrir Square that turned into a riot Egypt, might have harsh words for one of the most powerful politicians in the U.S. who is legitimizing riots, is reason No. 1 why this is a garbage tweet:

Reason No. 2: The replies to his garbage tweet, which leaves out the AOC video, are also garbage as many don’t seem to know what Logan experienced or why she might have an issue with what AOC had to say back in 2019:

And reason No. 3 why it’s a garbage tweet: Dan Rather, also a “used to be distinguished” employee of CBS News, is one of his main contributors and a certified “Reliable Source”:

A CNN garbage hat trick. Congrats.


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