For us, “defund the police” sounds like a pretty straightforward clarion call from the Left. But it’s not going over well for the Dems, which is where their close pals in the press come in. NPR’s Yamiche Alcindor, an opinion writer poorly disguised as a reporter, did her part today to help with the spin:

If “defund the police” doesn’t mean “defund the police” then why don’t reporters ask Dems what it does mean. Oh wait, the reporters are busy acting as their spokespeople:

We’re guessing the White House reporter wouldn’t appreciate it if somebody tweeted “defund NPR” or accept any other “context,” but the meaning of “defund the police” seems endlessly fluid:

Hey, why would anybody think “defund the police” actually means “defund the police”?

The DNC can always rely on their colleagues in the media.

The media are making that abundantly clear.

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