As you know, Joe Biden’s remark yesterday that “you just ain’t black” if you vote for Trump had his campaign at first defending the comment, until Joe ended up offering an apology. Team Joe knows they can, for the most part, count on the media to help circle the wagons around the Democrat candidate, but sometimes the wagons aren’t circled tightly enough for some Democrats. This tweet from a Politico Mag contributing editor helped spark one example:

First, here are some responses from some blue check journos:

Just coincidentally, those tweets sound similar to what Democrat Sen. Brian Schatz said in response (it’s almost as if they’re working off the same script):

Mainstream media, you have been put on notice! But will Sen. Schatz be satisfied with the response?

Why isn’t there a similar effort on the other side?

Keep those blinders on tightly, MSM and Dem politicians!

It’s nice when the media says the quiet parts out loud.