Aside from winning the presidency twice, former President Obama’s endorsement track record in national, state and recent elections isn’t the best. As a matter of fact, it was historically awful:


But the Democrats don’t care, because the de-facto leader of their party delivered a virtual graduation speech Saturday night which was highly praised by Dems and the media. Obama is back to being the leader of the Democratic Party:


Obama’s so serious about passing the torch to young people that he’s endorsed Joe Biden. But anyway, enough about that…

The speech from the nation’s 44th president struck super-objective former anchor of the CBS Evening News Dan Rather as impressive enough to permanently erase from memory many troubling things that happened in 2016:

Now there’s a take so hot it’s at risk of spontaneously combusting.

LOL! Self-awareness is very difficult for Dan.

Be a Democrat and talk smooth and the media will always be on your side. But fortunately Rather can sniff out BS as effectively as he can spot bogus font usage… wait, never mind.

SHH! Don’t tell him.