It was a big night for Republicans in Wisconsin and California with a special election win in the WI-07 and a big lead in the CA-25.

First up, Wisconsin, where Tom Tiffany scored the victory:

Tiffany will replace Rep. Sean Duffy (R) who retired:

Tiffany’s victory statement:

But Dems are proud of their moral victory, or something:

You want a participation trophy?

Next up, California, where Mike Garcia is ahead in the race to replace disgraced Dem. Katie Hill:

It’s looking good:

Pro tip: Don’t have sex with your staffers:

Garcia’s statement:

But Smith isn’t conceding:

So, is this seat returning to normal?

Or is it up for grabs in November?

Clinton won the district in 2016, FWIW:

Hardest hit, however? Barack Obama, who couldn’t save the seat:

Oh, and then there’s this prediction:

Double welp!